« ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM » IN CAMEROON: The right questions first!



Already a couple of weeks since I have been silently watching the events and strikes going on in my beloved country, Cameroon, regarding the affectionately called « anglophone problem » and that has degenerated (others used the world “hijacked”) into « near-secessionist » or « federalist » claims with potential risk on the NATIONAL UNITY and SECURITY certainly cherished by most of the united Cameroon people.
Given the gravity and seriousness of this matter, I have decided, as an humble citizen of our united and beloved Cameroon, not to remain a silent passive observer of this historical event happening during the adult, and I think mature, part of my life.
I will not proceed further without saying one very important thing: those who can, against all odds, stand to oppose what they think is wrong are BRAVE! Not every individual or group can do that! Thus, they shall be PROUD of that! They DESERVE RESPECT and APPLAUDS!
Our sisters and brothers have decided to stand up for what they think is wrong, let all of us, above any disagreement (even those that might be legitimate) relentlessly acknowledge their MERIT and EXAMPLE. Let’s grant them the credit they deserve!
Having said that, though they have raised their voice loud enough and have been well heard, is their point equally sound and clear enough to enable an ACCURATE DIAGNOSTIC, from which one can reasonably hope to derive the PROPER CURE/SOLUTION?
My view so far is that this last question remains opened. We are continuously still hearing many antagonist or coincidentally complementary voices, making rhetorical opinionated claims here and there, about their own or often borrowed feelings, beliefs and impressions about the « anglophone problem » and what they believe the solution should or should not be.
The imperious necessity of a good quality diagnostic prior to a cure/solution need not being demonstrated. Since we much likely all agree on that shouldn’t we stop with “polemic-like” exchanges in which all parties are mostly listening to themselves.
I think it is now time to calm down, recollect ourselves, and start METHODICALLY, UNEMBARRASSED and IMPARTIALLY, to dive deeper into the REALITY of the matter, leaving no place to IMPRESSIONS, FEELINGS and COMMON BELIEFS, and dealing resolutely with NEUTRAL FACTS and COMMON SENS ONLY, for a better Cameroon as a whole.
The first step I would suggest would be to carefully go through the following questions and come up with respective answers formulated in CLEAR, UNAMBIGUOUS and VERY SPECIFIC terms:
  1. What is the fundamental relevance and usefulness of « anglophone » and « francophone » classification or categorization?
  2. What is meant by being a so called « anglophone » or « francophone »?
  3. What can justify a visceral identification and attachment to such a categorization and its outcome?
  4. What is really meant and is covered by the « anglophone problem »?
  5. What makes an « anglophone problem » exclusively applicable to « anglophone » and inapplicable to whole or part of the so called « francophone »?
The idea is to answer all these questions one after the other in the listed order. Also, prior to answering questions (4) and (5), assuming we have a common understanding of « anglophone » and « francophone », do we agree that, if people tagged as « anglophone » would raise a valid complaint that is not specific to « them » but also affects other people in the « francophone » « side », the complaint/problem should be excluded from those encompassed by the « anglophone problem »? I expect no objective disagreement on a YES to this question.
I think putting effort in answering these questions with LUCIDITY, DISCERNMENT and CONSTRUCTIVE mindset will help clarifying the actual problem (NOT IMPRESSIONS and COMMON BELIEFS about it), and have a good grip on its EFFECTIVE NATURE, COMPLEXITY and most importantly, its real BOUNDARY and SEVERITY with NO EXAGGERATION nor OVERLOOKING.
I would like to hear OBJECTIVE and UNBIASED contributions (in English or French) to answer the listed questions. Please start each answer with an indication of the question number. NO NONSENSE please. BULLSHITS will be treated for what they worth. This is a SERIOUS MATTER so let’s be consequently SERIOUS, CONSTRUCTIVE and PRODUCTIVE.
Please feel free to invite anyone you think is well informed on this issue. Their inputs would be much appreciated.
Let start the family talk…
by Le Discernement (D.N.D)

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